Claude Monet

Outdoor artist and colour virtuoso Claude Monet was the charismatic leader of the impressionist movement. The artist was also passionate about botany and an inventive gardener who arranged his garden like an artwork.


Brimming with history, the pink house retains its owner’s spirit. It tells the story of Monet’s daily life, as a person and an artist, using period furniture and items, souvenirs, and accurate replicas of rooms.


From the Clos Normand’s flower beds to the water garden’s water lilies, Claude Monet created an outdoor palette during his life at Giverny. Towards the end of his life, this impressionist setting became his sole source of inspiration.


Located 75 kilometres from Paris, the iconic village of Giverny and its surrounding area are home to cultural sites, tourist attractions and other interesting must-see places. Follow the guide!