Apple blossom trees

Although emblematic of Normandy, the apple tree, Malus, of the Rosacea family and the Malus subfamily, comes from Asia. Almost 20 000 species exist, some of which being only cultivated for the beauty of their flowers.
In April 1890, when Claude Monet discovered the small village of Giverny, all the apple trees of the area were blooming. In the garden of the property, called “Le Pressoir”, stood tens of apple trees, whose gentle pink flowers enhanced the hues of the façade.
Over time, Monet however would remove some trees, to make space for flower beds, but also for apricot trees, Japanese cherry trees and ornamental species.

When to see them?
At the beginning of spring, when they are flowering, then, at the end of April or beginning of May during an ephemeral phenomenon: for two days, the flowers fall and cover the floor like a pink carpet…
The apple trees of Giverny were immortalized by Monet in several paintings such as “Pommiers en fleurs” and “Pommiers en fleurs, Giverny” (1901).