Water lilies

Impossible to think of Giverny without thinking of water lilies. Flowers and aquatic plants from the nymphéacées family, Claude Monet retained their ancient name: nympheas, reference to aquatic creatures, rather than simply calling them water lilies. With their different colours: white, red or pink and their changing reflections on the surface of the water, water lilies composed his last great pictural passion.
Their care was particularly exigent, several gardeners were assigned to this task daily.

Where to see them?
From June to September in the Japanese garden and, of course, in the Orangerie Museum, in their monumental, painted version.

How to cultivate them?
Plant them in the water at the depth of 30-50 centimeters and let them florish. The sun is essential if one wishes to have a maximum of flowers as long as possible. Water lilies dislike current and prefer warm water over 16°C to flower. They disappear at the bottom of the pond in winter, waiting for the warmer climate in spring to reappear.