Introduction by Hugues Gall

Hugues Gall
Since the 26th of marsh 2008, Hugues R. Gall, member of the « Académie des Beaux Arts » and State Counsellor, presides over the destinies of the « Fondation Claude Monet » in Giverny. In October 2004, Hugues Gall is elected as « Président de l’Institut pour le Financement du Cinéma et des Industries culturelles » (IFCIC), on proposal of the « Ministre de la Culture et de la Communication », on the 28th of May 2008, he is nominated as « Membre du conseil de l’ordre de la Légion d’Honneur ».

« The restoration works conducted by Gérald and Florence Van der Kemp, thanks notably to American Maecenas, have allowed Claude Monet’s house and gardens to become again a unique place, with a deep quietude and a perpetual enchantment. Every year, more than 400,000 visitors come from all over the world in order to feel this so particular atmosphere.

The « Fondation Claude Monet », owned by the « Académie des Beaux Arts », must remain a living place. Our gardeners work all along the year to highlight the gardens, to « reconstruct » them permanently, to preserve and renew the vegetal patrimony, while always being reliable to the Great Painter’s vision. »

Hugues R. Gall
Président de la Fondation