donations and sponsorship

Restoration of Claude Monet’s house and gardens has only been possible thanks to the support of numerous American and French Maecenas. Their givings and legacies are parts of the Maecenas’ traditions of the « Académie des Beaux-Arts » and « Institut de France ».
Either a society or a private person, you can participate in the glowing of Giverny all around the world by sending your giving to the following address.

Académie des beaux‐arts
Pour la Fondation Claude Monet
23, quai de Conti 750270 Paris Cedex 06
Tel :+33 (0)1 44 41 43 20

For French taxpayers donations are tax-deductible.
(article 200.23810.885-0/10 of General Tax Code).

The Versailles Foundation Inc.
Graybar Building
Claude Monet-Giverny
420 Lexington Avenue.
Suite 1706
New York City, N.Y 10170
Tel : (212) 983‐3436